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180pilot wrote:
Seems I remember being in love with my Epson 1270 for about 2 years. And then the clogs started. Even after having it serviced twice for half of what it costs and keeping it covered. It clogs, it smears,no matter how many times a week I use it, I have to do something to keep it working.

I understand it's construction and function, but why Epson does not offer some flushing cartridges,like after market sources do, is beyond me, it would help solve some of the problems. Their techs won't even tell you anything thats not in the owners manual. I had to learn most of the cleaning techniques from the service center 125 miles from where I live, or online trouble shooters.

This has so negatively colored my opinion of any Epson product, I'm watchingthe progress of these arguments with great interest, to see if or when the R1800 problems start to show up. I'm pretty sure it's not the inks, but the paper lint residues, cat hair, dead skin and other contaminates etc. that get into the non removable printheads that start the problem.
After reading mucho postings, from here as well as other sites, I purchased the 1800 last week. It seems you roll the dice whenever deciding on an Epson product.I had owned an Epson Stylus 500 a few years back (not exactly a photo printer as it was advertised and we now think of, but one of the better at the time) It was finally tossed after numerous clogging of the black ink heads and replaced with the HP 1100.The 1800set up very easily and I had a 5x7 on their premium glossy printed out shortly afterwards. The colors were all one could ask for, but......the entire print from top to bottom has banding, something I'd nevergotted from my previous HP 1100. The bands are about an eight of an inch wide, along the entire length of the print with thetop two very light in color and the remainder dark in color. I have a $100.00, 4x6 HiTouch, dye sub printer that printed the same pic file absolutly perfectly.I'm trying to resolve the problem as I find time hoping I haven't thrown another $500.00 down the Epson drain!
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What paper are you using?

What settings in your print driver are you using?

What program are you printing from?

Does the nozzle check print out ok?

I have a R1800 and a 4800 Pro Stylus. No clogs, no banding, just 'hundreds and hundreds of great prints'..

When someone experiences something as banding then there is something not right somewhere...and you may indeed have a 'lemon' R1800. But many of us have nothng but praise for them..and I know at least 8 others in my area that are happily printing away, not to say that any of use are happy with the cost of inks!! (smile).

Once I did see some banding on a Canon printer (BCI-6 dye) when I used to try to ignore the warnings about low ink...I dont do that anymore wit any printer.

First thing I would do is a nozzle check and see if there are any clogged or not necessairly clogged but 'defective' nozzles.

If this is an issue then try a cleaning, and if it does not clear up get on the phone to Epson and get it fixed or replaced.

I would do this with ANY product ANY brand...

Hope your problem clears up.


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I went through the cleaning process and the test results didn't make any sence. The manual does not cover how to interpret test results other than page alienment. So, I called Epson and after 20 min. of yes...yes, I did that...yes...yes, I did that too, ect., ect., they said they were sending me another printer. After getting off the phone with them I printed a 4x6 just out of curiocity and it was fine!? I called them back to cancell their offer and they still prefered sending a new printer. In the meanwhile, I've printed several additional prints with no problems. The only thing I can think of was that somehow the new printheads were dirty and just needed to be cleaned. Yes, the inks are expensive, but the Epson still isn't as costly as the HP I owned previously. Too bad the inkjet makers won't bring their costs inline with the dye sub printer. The cost of an 8x10 on an Olympus 440 is only around $1.65. Seems the two technologies have taken opposite approaches to marketing their products. The ink jet is a LOT more versital though and offers a LOT more options for printing, so I don't think we'll be getting a cost break from them anytime soon! ~L~
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That's the cruel thing about the Epson heads, they will unclog themselves sometimes by just sitting after a cleaning that didn't seem to work, but you never know when it will return. That's my experience with the 1270. The in- store repairmen tell me that each cleaning cycle is less productive then the one before as the default settingis to use less ink with each successive cleaning,.. Why, because Epson knows this could make the clog worse, is my guess?If you unplug the printerit will reset to use maximum ink to clean with first pass again. But the experts tell me, no more then 3 cleaning cycles, or you'll have more trouble. Something the online techs never told me! But the online cleaning information; water flushing, folded paper pass, etc. have gotten mine working faster then the cleaning cycles in most incidents. Since I have a business machine repair and mechanical background, I would prefer to see a printer where heads could be serviced in direct manner without special tools or damage.
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So, I have been reading myself silly going through all these posts and I feel I did not get closer with my own decision. I never had good experiences with HP and I don't even want to look at them (sorry HP fans). I spent my last 11 years with Epson Printers, but the rate at which I have to replace them is accelerating. I always chose Epson for these reasons:
custom paper sizes and archival inks, but I truely go broke with the ink prices (and hate throwing away relatively filled sounding cart.) and often get nozzle clogging beyond remedy - at which point I get a new printer, since the little guys cost as much as new ink anyway.

Anyway, that said, I always thought I should get a larger format printer, since I am a graphic designer and paper artist and use it for a variety of things. It seems that the Epson has better inks and the canon better colour and cheaper. I print a lot of custom sized cardstock on my C84 and it works relatively good, but I hesitate to buy a big ( and much more expensive) Epson that also starts to have problems after 18 month. Since our scanner and our cameras are all Canon, I thought I should consider their printer. So does anybody have experience with cardstock and custom paper sizes?

I also read in a review, that the Canon smoothes everything, which might be okay for photos, but not for graphics? Any comments on that?

Appreciate any help, really.
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