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Yep, I was a little unsure of which side to put the postit on. I'll retry again but on the other side of the paper and see if that completely eliminates the problem. Still, it is a royal pain to have to do that for every page you print.

To be sure, I wasn't preloading with a whole pack of paper but sometimes I'll put 2-3 pieces in and as each page is done printing I'll take that off of the paper holder on the output side in preparation for the next page.

Thanks for link to the Neil Slade website - very interesting!

I'll post back here when I have more results...
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Canon Printers:

Although I do not have a i9950 the reason I am here is because I searched google for reviews on the i9950. I read with dissapointment and frustration about the "Banding". This seems to be a real common problem with Canon printers.

I had an old BJC-265SP then a i850 and now an S9000 (I live in New Zealand) and the S9000 is still under warranty. I have had banding on all 3 of my Canon printers. There are various "remedies" out on the net but might void warranties.

I took the S9000 into service agent where I live and they ended up replacing the Purge Unit...but no change. It is an intermitent problem. The Banding never occurs on Matte paper, only on glossy, and especially on Canon Photo Paper Pro..which over here is very expensive. I took my printer back to the agent again last week along with some pics with the banding and now they say they can't find a fault . I will call Canon because I am almost scared to use it on Gloss paper as it just wastes so much ink doing lots of Cleans and Deep cleans and wastes very expensive paper.

As for the problems someone experienced where the Preview in Photoshoop looks so different to what the pic looks like within the application, I have that too. I do have a calibrated monitor. I now do all the changes to the pic in Photoshop (Elements 2) then save and use an old version of ArcSoft PhotoStudio I got with some Canon scanner , to print from. THe Print Preview in that looks just like the original image, not all changed like PS Preview. When I print I get(apart from banding) I get exactly what I saw..and on Matte , no banding and really nice prints...but not with the oomph that Glossy has.

I think the tiny size of the print head nozzles must just make it impossible to get some sort of blockages or something and that may be what causes the banding. All the solutions (for the S9000) have involved cleaning the print head under lots of running water for a while. Wont try myself until the warranty runs out. Phew!
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