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CoastalCrew Nov 26, 2004 4:53 PM

When I first joined I read some posts by a very helpful "guru" who had used his i9900 at a church function, printing dozens of photos.

His wife uses their digicam & i9900 for scrapbooking.

Will the helpful guru please stand up?:D

I would love to hear more about using the i9900 for scrapbooking and for making greeting cards. I previously used an HP P1100 that made excellent prints on either cardstock, in particular glossy.

I have Adobe Photoshop Elements & CorelDraw Suite 10 & 12 (I recently upgraded to 12 but don't really care for it because they no longer have my favorite effect - terazzo. As soon as possible I want to sell the upgrade, as I won't be using it.


dcrawley Nov 29, 2004 12:06 AM

Was it me? My wife is a heavily invested into scrapbooking and I used my old camera and my i9100 to take and print about 100 - 120 Halloween pictures at the Fall Festival my church sponsored last year. PM or email me.

CoastalCrew Nov 30, 2004 2:39 PM

Yes it was you! Thx for responding.

I'm considering printing a large quantity of 4 x 6 photos for an upcoming church project & wondered how many cartridges you went through and how much you charged for the pics. I would love to donate them but I'm on disability due to severe Fibromyalgia, so funds are limited.

Would it be less expensive to have them printed at a photolab or to do it myself on the i9900?

I'll be using my 3-yr old Olympus 2100UZ that still takes incredible pics at 2+ mp. Of course I don't print anything over 5x7, but even those come out incredible.

I wouldlove to hear from your scrapbook expert wife. I sent you my e-mail in case she or you would like to contact me directly.

Happy Holidays!


mark.huth Jan 20, 2005 7:46 PM

Quick bit of input - New i9900 user -
I have printed 10 13x19 plain paper landscapes
10 11x8.5 Photo Glossy - 1 landscape the rest portraits
25 4x6 portraits Photo Glossy

The photocyan and photomagenta are about 1/2 gone. The others are barely showing use, although they are slightly down from new.

So figure 150 4x6 equivalent for perhaps $15 worth of ink.
The Kodak premium 4x6 paper is around $0.10 per sheet - so you are in the range of $0.20 per 4x6 plus amortization of the printer at around $425 purchase price.

These may not last as long as the Canon Photo Pro, but that paper is about $0.35 per sheet in 4x6

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