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I have one of the finest printers made. The Epson 7000 series of printers produces stunning color and with my set up, it looks just like what's on the monitor. However I have an issue with Epson and I cannot believe that no one has talked about this yet in the forums. When using roll paper (or rolled canvas in my case), if you get a few inches into your print job(say it's a 24x30" print) and discover you need to stop the print and start over, you will soon discover an unbelievable problem in your 7600, 7800, 9600 and 9800 printers: When you click stop or cancel print, the printer does not just stop printing. Instead itrolls your paper for the 30 inch length of the print job and cuts. So you loose 30 inches of paper. And since it's rolled paper, the paper "remembers" the curl at the end and cannot be run through the printer as a sheet. That's the way it works with rolled canvas everytime. I have lost probably 30 feet of canvas until I finally got the complicated and ridiculous "work around" figured out to prevent this. Unfortunately, the solution isn't as simple as setting the printer control panel to paper cutter off. Because when you do, the printer wastes 10 inches of paper on the front end before it finds a place to start your next print. Sounds unbelievable, well welcome to the strange world of wide format printing. I have called epson's customer service about this and they politely took a note.

I'm not one of the people with a litany of complaints about epson. I find their tech support to be the best. And their printers are simply the best when it comes to image quality. And it's just not Epson's wide formats. When you read professional reviews of the other brands of wide format printers, they all have some kind of bugaboo lurking in their driver or engineering. But I really wish there were other's who shared my desire to see Epson produce a firmware so that when you click stop print, the print job stops and that's all that happpens.

Has anyone else experienced my frustration.

Many thanks, Cha Cha.
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Nope. I can't afford the printer nor do I have a need for wide printing. I'm curious though... How did you manage to fix the waste problem?
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I use roll paper almost always with my Pro 4800 and
have needed to stop a print job sometimes. I do not have
the excessive waste problem you've described. Maybe a
couple inches will get wasted, but never the full print

How do stop the print when the printer is printing?
IE: via the printer driver directly or using the onboard
printer buttons?

In my experience, using the onboard printing buttons is
far more effective and should shut it down ASAP. Going
thru the driver in XP can cause an extremely long lag-time
resulting in wasted paper and ink.

As for wasting paper in general with the Pro 4800, it
depends on which paper cutter option you choose. I use
"Double Cut" and the printer always leaves about 2" of
unused stock between each print while cutting each end
of every print flush minus about 1/64". I can certainly
live with this 2" waste versus the hassle of manually
trimming the prints on the ends. It adds up to nothing
when you're selling prints "commercial".

Just my experience using a similar printer. U should not
have this kind of paper wastage on that printer.

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Hi Wayne,

Thanks for the reply. Although as you can see by the progress in this thread, the replies have been so few a far between that I gave up on checking for them. On a lark, I decided to have a look and lo there was two replies. Your 4800 sounds like it's much more manageable than the 7600 (and the 7800). I wish I could say that the selection of stop print options you described were available on the 7600. Unfortunately, the 7600 is just not as thoroughly designed. My guess is that the minor design problems relate to the release of the 7500 which got a lot of bad press for some vague reason relating to black and white color cast changing, so the people at Epson decided to do a quick update and released the 7600 soon after to put a fix in (so more like a firmware update and calling it the 7800). I could be wrong on which two printers this story applies to, but I'm pretty sure that the 7600 was the outcome. The Epson trademark print quality is the great result of the 7000 and 9000 series of printers and now that they have engineered that result into their wide formats, they are slowly trying to design better features sets into their printers (I hope). I just wish more users would squak about this issue, so that they could fix it soon.

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I got the chance to help a friend who just purchased a 9800 for his business. He makes full size pictures of people that are sent to him and mounts them on foamboard. Anyway, in playing with the 9800 I repeatedly stopped prints and had no waste. I had discovered that the 'pause' button on the front panel had an icon that indicated that 'hold button for 3 seconds' and that would kill the job. The printer would just cut off the printed section even if it was only an inch or two.
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I just bought a used 7600, and am operating from a Mac OS X 10.4.10 -- and besides having no luck finding drivers, am dealing with the same issue.

I did have luck stopping the printing and spooling by just flipping the laod lever tto the loose position. From there you can cancel or reset the job and reload. I find I am also able to load roll paper as if it is cut-sheet. Is his helpful?

I sure would like to be able to phone someone for some practical help with this thing... Like how to get denser blacks on Enhanced Matte Paper. Any volunteers to let me call you on my dime?

I will call during respectable hours.

I am a legitimate artist tryig to make my own prints.

David - http://www.DarrowArt.com
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