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I've been using the 8750 for months now and have printedeverything from 13x19 to 4x6.Probably over 150 prints. I thought I'd take some time to report my experience.

The only problem I've had is a couple of 4x6 paper jams and I think it was my fault . I've never had a jam with larger papers. I've since learned not to put too much pressure on the feed paper and haven't had any more problems. An interesting note on the debateregarding HP's print heads being in the ink cart is that after I had the paper jam I was getting some print irregularities like small lines. I tried cleaning the head and even went so far as to remove them and manually clean with a swab which didn't help. I finally determined that the two paper jams had scratched the print heads. The way I determined this was to simply replace the ink carts and everything was perfect after that.

Had this been a printer with permanent heads I would have been out of business until I could get them replaced, not to mention the expense of the heads, shipping cost, inconvenience and wasted time.HP's approach isvindicated as far as Im concerned. I love the fact that I get a brand new head wheneverI replace a cartridge.

As far as differant inks going out at differant times with the tri color carts, I don't find a great disparity in the ink usage. HP's grey cartridge is used in all colors to modify color values so it does get used more than I thought but not so much as to cause complaint.

From day one this printer has delivered absolutely beautiful prints and continues to do so. I have no regrets and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in seriously pro results. I'm doing a gallery show in October and all prints on display will be from this printer. Other than the two 4x6 jams it has performed flawlessly.

tony M
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