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Default Need Help with Quality prints from 2200

Hello to everyone,
I'm pretty new to this forum... registered about a month ago since I new I'd be getting the sony dsc-f717 and the epson 2200. I was pretty sure I might have a question or two and I do. I am having trouble getting quality prints from my epson 2200. My monitor is calibrated, I'm printing from photoshop. and using epson paper. I've mostly used the epson premium glossy photo paper. I will be the first to admit, I don't know much about printer profiling, could this be my problem?

What really bothers me is that, I bought an HP deskjet 970 back in 2000. It is almost 3 years old and right now my prints from it are actually better. I need some serious help....PLEASE. Can anyone give me some info, point me to a tutorial website or even offer a book. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Do I need to convert my photoshop file from RGB to CMYK before printing to get better results. My photos seem to lack some detail with the skin colors being a little off... especially with poeple of color. I tried several different setting but the results are always close to the same. Like I said earlier... any info or suggestions at all would be really great.

Thanks in advance,
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Default PGPP and the 2200


I would try some other papers - for a "glossy" look I use the Epson Premium Luster and Premium Semi-glossy, and for matte the Watercolor and Premium matte.

If you look at the Epson 2200 (in Europe 2100) review at


you'll see that the reviewer asked Epson about the compatibility of PGPP with the 2200 and was told that it was not compatible.

I have read about quite a few "fixes" to make the PGPP look better (for example at www.redriver.com), but I have yet to make a print on it that I am really happy with.

Of course this might not be the problem at all and there could be somehting else with the printer, profile, monitor, etc., but this would be something easy to try.

Best of luck,

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Default Thanks

Thanks for the link steve. It's definitely worth reading and I'm surprised that it's not compatible. Actually it's quite disappointing.

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the 2200 creates unbelievable prints if used correctly...

via photoshop...

fix pic
go to view
proof setup/custom
select profile...ie, paper profile..etc
make duplicate layer
adjust with curves and color
check relative colormetric
check black point
uncheck...or do not preserve color
ok, save pic for that paper
now...go to
print with preview
color management
source space...document
make sure profile is as you picked in proof setup
no color adjustment, no high speed, sset paper size,borderless

dadadadats all folks
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Try the new publication by Epson ( Sold at the on-line Epson store : The EPSON Complete Guide to Digital Printing )
One of the best Iíve yet seen to help with the 2200.
Enjoy !!
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Default Call Epson tech support

I have spent far too many hours trying to make my $700 color priner (2200) work as well as my old $140 printer. I finally spent many hours with tech support, changing a zillion settings that appear nowhere on Epson website or manuals, and things got a little better. then, it turns out my print heads are defective and hopefully they will replace my whole printer. Call tech support. It is worth it to find out what you should be doing, but they never bother to tell you.
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