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Default Which printer? So hard to choose....

I've been looking at digital cameras for a while now, and I'm still shopping. I also want/need a digital photo printer.

At first I was sold on Epson, because of what I saw in a camera store. The print from the 785EPX had much better blacks than the comparably priced HP unit, and the colours were a little better too, IMO. They also had a more expensive Canon model on display, but the comparison print was not on the same kind of paper.

I've been online a lot checking into the Canon S900, Epson 785EPX, and the Epson 890.

I've also been tempted by the wide carriage models, although I'm not sure how often I'll really want to print larger than 8X10, but it sure would be nice to have the option of doing so when I wanted to. The models I'm looking at are the Canon S9000, Epson 1280, and the very expensive Epson 2200.

I understand that the Epson 1280 and the 890 share "the same" technology, or hardware. That's nice, but how does the 785EPX differ from these two then? The only real differences I see when I check out the specs is the software that comes the printers differs. Is it the print heads that are different? Or do they use different types of ink? All I can see is that all Epsons use a six colour ink process, except for the 2200, which uses two blacks instead of one.

It would appear that Canon printers are much faster than Epsons, but that Epson has the slightly better inks, and better archival properties.

I've read a lot of user reviews, but they usually seem to consist of enthusiastic overall recommendations for each one, with a few minor quibbles about this or that.

Arrgghhh! Canon or Epson? S900, 785EPX, or 890? 1280 or S9000? Or go all out and get the 2200?
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Canon S900 or the Canon S9000. I was impressed with a friends Canon S900.
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AS for your question about the 785epx printer the quality on it in my experience is good but it is not as nice as the 890. The main reason is because the printer does not allow you to align as many settings in the alignment mode. Basically this means that your prints will probably be slightly softer focus than the epson 890 but personally I would opt out for the epson 925 It prints faster and allows for more options off the printer specifically. Or if you really want a great printer check out the epson 960. I'm also willing to bet that epson will release a new version of the 1280 incorporating the seperate ink tank system that is currenly in the epson 960. But you will orbably have to qait until spring to get it.
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