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:!:This leaving the CD printing option out ofUS printing models is fast becoming an annoying and sad situation. With all the copyright fears here in the US, it's unfortunate that this type of functionality is being weeded out by companies which seem sheepish when it comes to lawsuits in the US. And of all things, I cannot believe printers are affected by this! Epson is doing it! Why can't Canon? (If anyone has any other ideas why the CD printing option is being dropped by companies as compared to europe, please let us know!)

In lieu of this, I know that therewaswebsite which addressedthis problem when encountered first in the Epson 2200. Theyprovided instructions for the retrofitting of an Epson 2200 to be able to print on CD as its european cousin, the Epson 2100.Although it was a very "hands-on" solution, it was an actual workable one.

:sad:Now Canon has left the US model owners of the i9900in a similar predicament when compared to its own european cousin, the i9950. Obviously for all US conumers of this model, this absolutely and totally sucks. Especially for such an advanced consumer inkjet printer. We would like ALL the functions which we can get.

:?Does anyone think we can get the same "fix" to our US i9900? Perhapsa solution similar to that which the Epson 2200 was able to do. If we could print on CDs, this would make this an ideal machine even more ideal. The work around involved a mocked-up tray to use instead of the original one. Can this be done? Can we even use an actual tray from the i9950 as an add-on to our US models?

I am more than sure that any fix and add-ons to the i9900 would find a incredibly grateful community here in the US. It's sad that we would have to be reduced to this.
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I've had the same beef as you concerning the lack of CD printing capability for the US market.

I originally discussed this in another forum for the i960/i965 series of Canon printers and I think that some of the other people that were trying to retrofit the capability onto the US i960 version came to the conclusion that it couldn't be done - because the printer's firmware specifically locked out the Window's drivers from doing it. Now that I own the i9900 and would love to have CD printing capabilities, I am expecting that the answer would be no different for the i9900.

It is indeed maddening but unsolvable without Canon's blessing (IMHO).
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:homey:Hi Guys

You might have the weather in the US but I`ve got the 9950 here in the UK.

To be serious. I don`t think there is any way for a retrofit for the 9900.

If you look at the front of the machine (9950) there is a large lever on the left. That is not on the 9900. When lowered it raises the open delivery tray by about a centimetre and two white guides pop up. A separate tray with the CD clipped in is slid into those guides.

The software then causes the tray to move into the printer and the printing begins.

Therefore the mechanical difference in the two printers would appear to make retrofit impossible.


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Well, I just purchased a Canon i9900 a couple weeks ago. I previously owned an S900, so I am very familiar with the BCI-6 tanks, refilling, Canon's drivers, and their unmatched photo quality. When shopping for my upgrade printer, I thought about hunting down something with CD printing, but then I thought about it...

The "feature" is so new I don't think it'd be very useful. I mass produce hundreds of CDs with full jewel case artwork. I end up using glossy CD Labels. I prefer them since the quality is that of photo paper, and the paper label adds and extra layer of protection. People usually can't tell that I'm using labels. I get Meritline's glossy for about $0.25 each.

I think it would be very time consuming to have to swap each and every CD into and out of the printer to direct print.

Perhaps if Canon ever developed an automated CD printer using their printer technologies, I'd be all over it.
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Well, muzicman, you certainly dredged up an old topic/thread! :-)

Since I last posted I've had plenty of time to rethink this issue. The conclusion I've come to is that my i9900 is my fine art photo printer, period! With the current availability of general purpose printers having quite good photo capabilities as well as cd printing capabilities going in the $100 range, it seems to me that a better strategy is to have a 2nd printer for all uses other than fine art prints. I know that that is the way I will shortly be going...
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