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Default Poor print quality on canon s9000

I recently purchased a Canon s9000 based on reviews from Steve's DigiCams. Based on recommendation from this same review I purchased the following paper:

"Ritz Camera's BigPrint glossy photo paper is excellent and very economical, the 4 x 6" 30 sheet packs are $6.69 and the 8.5 x 11" 10 sheet packs are $8.99 and right now Ritz has a "Buy 2 get 1 Free" deal going. "

However, my first prints were very poor. Color was poor and there was clear dot patterns. I tried three times with the same four pictures, but changing the setting in the driver and the results got worse. I am a complete novice and wonder if there is something else I can do to improve the quality or do I just need to buy Canon paper? I bought the Ritz paper because of cost and I thought in the beginning, as I learn how to use the printer, it would be better to learn on less expensive paper. But the results were so poor I thought I must be doing something wrong.
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Well, nothing is as good as Canon's Photo Paper Pro but we did get acceptable results with the Ritz paper. You need to be sure to select the right media, what are selecting? Try using the Glossy Photo Paper media type.

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Stick to Canon Pro Paper--remember, it takes about a half hour for the inks to dry and then you usually get beautiful images.
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You guys are probably prinitng photos and want THAT photo paper look, but if you want something more like an art paper I've been using Hahnemuhle Arkona 13"x19" sheets and it images absolutely stunning on my S9000, no matter what I throw at it. I get the paper from www.shadesofpaper.com. Jim Doyle runs the company and is a GREAT GUY. If you order tell him Justin Sturges said to try the Arkona in your Canon printer and he'll probably cut you some slack on the price. It is expensive paper but if you buy a bunch (you will not be dissapointed) he usually gives bulk discounts. EVERYTHING from vector graphics to supersaturated Photoshop tweaked photos come out absolutely amazing THIS IS WHAT IT'S ABOUT. You know you're looking at the real deal when you see it. Here's the settings I use. ProPhoto, sRGB etc-2.1, or Adobe RGB 1998 image color profile. Use ProPhoto for THE most saturated reds, oranges and yellows you've ever seen printed on an inkjet. I get what borders on flourescent if I want that! OK then Page set-up Ledger for 11x17 or the 13x19 settings. Then Print with Preview, go to color mgmt pop-up/color in: whatever you chose above, then for the printer use "printer color mgmt" or BJ Color Printer Profile if present on your machine. Then hit print and go to Quality & Media: Photo/High Resolution Paper/Detailed setting FINE/Halftoning diffusion/ Then in Color Options try Colorsync or BJ Standard (I use colorsync mostly) but if graphic I use BJ Standard then Graphic in "Print Type" pop-up. IF you try once like this and don't get what you wanted - then use color balance sliders to boost and restrain as you see fit. One note is that boosting CMY makes more saturated, if you boost black too you're basically just putting down more ink. Intensity tends to go toward red in my experience BUT MAN DOES IT. That's all, if you do this and don't like what you see, your printers broken or your image was poor to begin with. I promise.

Hope this helps, I've been through it with mine. Tried every media around. Canon Photo IS GOOD. Amazing detail etc. BUT if you really want to see your image at an art quality, this is it! The other paper I use with it is the William Turner same manu, same seller. The only paper I've seen look better than Arkona on Canon is this guy. The gamut is unbelievable but the image depth is what gets you. The blacks look like you can put your hand inside the paper! I just can't explain how gorgeous this stuff is.

Alright that's it. I get nothing from these people for talking their stuff up. I've just spent about 4 years buying media and printers and ink working out the best combinations because that's what I do. And I can tell you with confidence that this information is THE BOMB. You'll be so happy you'll forget all about the cost of the paper. If you want to sell images, this is how to do it. Treat yourself to some Lyson pigmented inks and you'll be really happy knowing they'll last. I'm saving for those now. Good luck! If you finally get these papers and do some prints, post your impressions so we all know what you think. If you don't like for some reason I'll probably buy your paper so let me know [email protected].
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Have you used the Fotonic inks made by Lyson? I understand they have just released some new Fotonic inks that can be used on Canon printers. They claim that their prints last up to 5 times longer than conventional prints. Unfortunately they do not give the exact longevity of these inks on Lyson paper. I have emailed them any number of times and they don't reply. Maybe they are to busy selling inks. I visited another website. Supposedly the Canon inks are slightly different than the Epson inks. Have you had a chance to try them? If anybody has tried them, please let me know if it has been a good experience or maybe a bad one. How did you profile the inks? Was there any metamerism? Were the colors accurate like Lyson says they are? Hows the print quality? Thanks.
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