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I read this on internet a month ago.

There are alread 2 cheap ones : the IX4000 and IX5000 (1.5 faster) both with 4 cart and 2pl dots (like ip3000). These are good for current every day need photography with very good speed. In fact IX5000 seems only to be faster on lower quality prints. Both are at 166 sec for A3+ photo quality. (cost about $400 and $500)

There is an update with 2 new ones... Pro9000 and Pro9500 and new type or extended current type cartridges.

Pro9000 will be an 8 ink cart. A3+. It will be a littel bit faster than i9900/50 but at twice the definition because of 1pl dots (you can positively take your microscope and explore). Speed is at 83 sec/A3+ photo quality. It will use CLI-8 cartridges extended to 7 colors (instead of existing 4) + black PGI-5. This means it will cost 1.5x more than i9900/9950 to print with CLI-8 instead of BCI-6. (will cost $750)

Second one will have 10 ink cart and will print much slower, but even better, 239 sec/A3+. There will be 2 gray ink cart more.
The printer will use series new large PGI-9 inks. Expect them to print cheaper. (will cost ab $1000)
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