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Thanks for posting the specs. Does anyone know if the "Machine glazed paper holder" refers to a holder for roll paper or something else?

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I am fairly certain that its in reference to supported roll paper widths.
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Could be worth waiting for.

But won't we have to be careful with the "cyanide"! ink cartridge :-))

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Isn't this a question of "after you, no after you?" We can wait as much as we want, but there will always be something better around the corner. In camera terms Canon have launched the D20, so Nikon people are no asking where is the D200.

Ah well, here is my opinion. I have the (European) i9950, and I find it's performance breathtaking. Whether it be 6x4 or 13x19, the incredible speed (which by the way doesn't really impress me since waiting 2 minutes in mjy life isn't that important) is, well, still impressive. But what does and continues to impress me is the quality of the print, and it's ability to hold it's colour even in direct sunlight. I have a very old HP990cxi as well, so I printed two A4 photos and left them in the sun. One after one month is yellow and the other still as new. A minute or so after the photo is printed the ink is completely dry, and cannot be smudged. So I am quite happy with the quality, even when pushed to A3 size andunder a magnifying glass, and overall I can't fault it at all.

But then I haven't tried the new Epson, but according to Steve's review it is going to have to be a very special printer to beat the Canon. If it is of course, I find myself, like most of us, behind the game once again. No matter, for me the Canon rocks and will do for some years to come. I reckon the next time I change will be a plasma printer or somesuch from planet Delta.
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I already have a Cannon (but not wide format). It doesn't do very well (it isn't bad, it just isn't great) in B&W but does great color. The Epson 2200was suppose to have had really high D-MaxB&W and neutraltonesso I hope the new Epson does as well if not better. I haven't heard if it will or not. Personally, I thought the resolution of the2200 wasn't super, which is what I assume they fixed with the new generation (especially for 4X6s - for larger prints it wasn't objectionable because you tend to look at them from furtheraway). It is suppose to be already on the shelf in Japan so we might hear soon. Like I said earlier, my Canon is starting to wear out, so I am thinking of upgrading to the newest and greatest and move to wide format as well.
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Freefly wrote:
What is everybody┬┤s concern with longevity? Surely 25 years is enough? Does ANYONE still have photos on their wall from Circa 1975? I dont! After a few years they are put away, away from sunlight, and in this day and age, they will be put away with a hard copy, so if, IF in 30 years, you want it back out on your wall....print a new copy with PERFECT colours...what IS the big deal????? All this "Chat" about longevity is purely marketing tat from the manufacturers, I work in a marketing department as the photographer....Buy a printer, print with it and be happy....think about it, technology is speeding rapidly, and in a few years no-one will give a hoot about print longevity!! IMHO!!!:?
Could you in good concience sell a work of art to someone knowing that they couldn't proudly display it for more than a quarter of their life? I don't suppose you have family members who still have framed pictures up of their great great realtives? Re-printing works OK for the personal use, but for gift pictures and pictures for sale, adding a CD for re-printing later doesn't cut it.

As far as quality, it looks like the epson 800 and future derivative will have more faithful color reproduction than the 9900..

Warning: the article appears not to have been written by a Canon fan :?
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