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i just picked up a 2200 yesterday. i am just learning all the adjustments and just learning about profiling. so far i'm getting pretty good results out of the box.

i thought i had a good understanding of resolution. what i tried to do was scan a 4x6 print of some trees that i took and scan it in at 500% magnification at 300 dpi. i figured that would be more than enough resolution to reprint at 13x19".

however the print quality was poor. i was using Enhanced Matte 13x19" Epson brand paper.

am i not undersanding scanning and resolution?

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This will probably be a little long winded but I hope it will clarify it for you.

For a 13x19 inch printout you will want at least 160ppi, this means your picture will be about 3000x2000 (6 mega pixels). If your original is 4x6 this means you will need to scan at 500 ppi or more. You do not want to magnify the 300dpi scan you want to do a native scan at the higher resolution.

Next you need to look at the source. Is this a high quality print from film, or is this from a digital camera, the short question is can the source be scanned at 500+ ppi and give you back data at that resolution.

If the original picture was taken with a digital camera then you will be limited to the camera size. If the 4x6 was printed digitally then you will be limited there.

Now remember that the picture will have some degridation. You are effectively shooting a picture of a picture and transferring it to another medium. Each one will have some loss. A satin finish will degrade more than a glossy.

The best way is to start with digital or to get the negative(s) converted to digital so that the output is 3000x2000 MINIMUM.
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