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I am deciding between the Epson R800 and Canon I9900 printer as my next printer. I wouldn't mind the wide carrige for $20 more and might occasionally use it. My question is how does the I9900 handle small pictures (ie 4x6)? Is it on par with the R800 or is the Epson better? Thanks Guys.

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Canon is faster for individual prints.

Epson supports roll paper and the cutter so is probably a little faster if you have a large batch of them.

The difference is speed at 4x6 is not that much but at larger sizes the print speed of the Canon is pretty amazing.

I have heard people complain that theroll paper (on the Epson) has curling issues. So you may need to flatten them for a day before you can give them out.

Colors are better on the Canon, Longer lasting on simpler paper on the Epson.

Canon price per print is lower.

Unlike the other smaller format printers by Canon. The 9900 does NOT have a 4x6 tray. But loading is not a problem and you can put a pretty good stack of paper (60+ sheets) in the feeder without it jamming.

If you are doing a large number of 4x6 prints you may want to look into the commercial printers (Walmart, Costco, etc) they do it in such bulk that theprices areusually better than the price you can do it with, last numbers I've seen are an R800 will run about $0.40 per print and the Canon will cost you about $0.35 per print.

Most of the commercialhouses are less than $0.30 per printwith online houses going below $0.20 per print.

The home printers are usually cheaper when you do 5x7 and 8x10 (and larger) prints.

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There is no cutter on the R800. You have to cut the pictures manually.
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