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:?Does the i9950 support printing Tiff images. and does it allow date printing.

I assume it does considering the price!!

I have a panasonic DMC FZ20 and hope to print using the pictbridge function.




Anyone know where to get good A4 albums on the net
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Jay123 wrote:
Hmmm... could be teething problems. Although.... I've tried a whole heap of different settings in photoshop and different papers. The banding is still there. I've actually sent it in to a service shop. They said the banding may be normal if you print borderless prints! They pointed me to something in the manual that says that if you print borderless then you can expect poor print quality at the margins. (Although I printed a bordered photo and the banding was still there!) Also told me that can't do anything about the wheel marks. Took it to the Canon Office in Sydney. They said it was strange and they tested it for 2 hours, then told me they need to keep it 5 days. I'll get some word next week.

cameranserai. I'd like top read some more about the pizza wheel marks and the canon printers. Couldn't find anything when I searched for it. Can you direct me to any sites/threads?
well i think i have the same problem. how did you go with sorting it out? i have a horrible feeling canon is going to stuff me around and tell me there isnt a problem. it generally only occurs with prints larger than a4, however some of my a4 prints do have these smudges/marks , generally in the top right hand corner.
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Well, I am amazed at some of the replies here. I am a professional photographer specialising in classic motor sport, plus I get asked to do weddings from time to time. I bought my i9950 a year ago having read Steve's report, and from that day on I have had nothing but success.

A month back I did a friends wedding and printed the photos before the reception was finished for them, all in 7x5 format. They were absolutely delighted with the colour, the crispness, and the overall quality.

Two weekends back I was the official photographer at a golf match, and over two days sold over 400 prints on site, printed to order. I would have sold more if we hadn't had a power cut and reckon in the end to sell 200 more.

This printer has run at least 3,000 prints, and the only problem I have ever had was when yours truly put a photo cyan in the printer instead of a photo magenta. Never a wheel mark, a hiccup, or any problem.

The Canon Easy Print utility supplied with the printer makes borderless printing a breeze, and the only thing you learn is to pull back a bit when taking the shot because if you go in tight the clipping loses a bit of the image.

I see that wheelmark problems seem to arise with lightweight paper, and again on the recommendation of this site I buy my paper from:-


I use the 11.8 mm thick glosspaper which is superb, from 7x5 up to A3+ and everyone is astounded at the quality it produces. I also buy my ink from here because even including delivery I save a fortune.

In conclusion I am scratching my head to see how Canon can improve on this printer, when an A3+ print comes out in about two minutes, but I am sure they will. 7x5 prints roll out like a production line. I can't see me changing for a while though!
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Now R1800 is out, the A3+ version photo printer of the R800 from Epson.
It's great and an improvement especially on speed for Epson. However this is still some 4 times slower than one year old Canon i9950. Quality seems to be a bit better, printing 1.5 picoliters dots only, but Canon is already so great. Probably needs to be checked on a microscope.
I don't know if Epson made it so on R1800 but new professional Epsons (2400 and 4000 series) use now pressurized ink tanks to improve speed, however using also 3 picoliter dots. This is great since Epson seems to have found the way to enhance their speed and prints some twice slower only than Canon i9950. The professional series are at twice or more the price of the same Canon on Epson home products (aka R1800).
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I just bought a new Hp designjet 120 for $487 about the price for just a set of printheads and cartridges...what a deal!


I have an ISO 9001 certified USA sourvce for bulk inks at aboyt $22 per liter

Anyone out there want to talk post here.

The HP is not the heavyweight of thre Epson but neither is the price.

This is a new new printer that wprks grreat!
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