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Yeah Ray, I've pretty much made up my mind as well, it's the 8750.

The truth is Canon, Epson and HP are the 800 pound gorillas in this area and none of themis going to be outclassed. It reminds me of the ongoing camera brand debate, Canon vs Nikon etc. I've been using Canon camera's for over 30 years, does that mean I think they take better pictures than Nikon? Of course not, it means Canon addresses the technology and interface in a way that I prefer. Every major player is going to put out a competitive product. It boils down to who's approach do you prefer.

The bottom line is what features, approach and interface do you prefer in a printer? I think it's unfortunate but there appears to be a lot of misinformation and repetitive suppositions out there and not much objectivity. If I had not done some due diligence I would have thought I only had one choice. It's called pick your poison. )

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