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Hi all

I am looking to buy a new printer and have become frustrated with my choices.

I want to be able to able to print on 2 ply museum board and extremely thick stock (1 mm / .039 in. apx. 350 gsm and heavier) and be able to print 13 x 19 in or larger.

If any one knows of makes and models of printers with this capability please let me know!

I have my eye on the Epson 2400 but think that $750 is an exorbitant price for a printer esp. because the 1800 (without the straight through paper path) is almost half the price.

I would like a printer that would also print professional quality photographs as well but could buy 2 printers for each task.

I am running Mac OS 10.1.3 on a 9.33 Mhz G4 tower.

Any advice/ input is greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance.
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I think your only choices that I know of are the Epson 2200 or the 2400.

I just bought the 2400, and it is really an amazing printer. The b&w prints are amazing. The color saturation is great. This printer has a better gamut than the 2200. The blacks are just amazing, do to the 3 black/gray cartridges.

I know that it is higher in price than the Epson 1800, but some of the people that I talked with were not impressed with it. They recommended the 2400 over it.

For the material thatyou want to print on, what type of finish is it? The 1800 is mainly geared for glossy papers. The 2400 is good on glossy prints, but just amazing on the Epson Velvet paper. The Velvet is a matte finish and is 260 g/m fine art paper. It also works nicely on the Enhanced Matte paper.

Also, the 2400 can work with stock up to ~1.3mm thick. I have not tried this yet though.

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Depends on what you are looking for, my search for a printer that could do backlit film (7mm-8mm thick and heavier) led me to the encad http://www.encad.com/ and Roland HiFijets.

Great for making POPS displays, but you are looking at 5000$us and up for the printers.

I have not found any of the small format printers that could do heavy stock like that.
The 2200/2400 can do up to 3mm I think, but it is a manual feed pain.
I've have feed Arches cold press canvas into my 2200, so it can be done.

The r1800 uses completely different inksets from the r2400 and they are intended for different audiences.
The r1800 is intended as a home consumer printer.
The r2400 is a "prosumer" printer, better constructed and able to handle limited business use. It is not fast enough to be a production printer. Look to the r4800 or 7800 for that, and even they are not so swift.


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Bill and Peter,

Thanks guys for your advice. I finally went ahead and ordered the 2400 (along with the Rebel XT) because I could not find a printer that suit my needs more ($, great B+W, 13"wide, Mac compat)

Its surprising how few consumer/prosumer printers are able to print on extra heavy paper/ poster board (275-300gsm+) I would think that there would be at
least a small market out there for this capability

If anyone else out there has any tips tricks, ideas, opinions etc. regarding printing on really heavy paper I'd love to hear them

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