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I use my canon i9900 about every two months, to print portfolios, which are both text and image based. I am currently trying to print my portfolio and I am getting horizontal lines in all my images. I have gone through an entire set of ink cartridges trying to clean nozzles, and align the printer head, and have not come close to fixing the problem. It seems most likely that it is a clogged head of sorts. The only thing that I can think of to do next is to buy a completely new head for the printer. At $170 though, I was wondering if anyone else had a suggestion to fix the problem.
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Sounds like either (a) a hard clog or (b) an electrical contact problem. I would lean towards "b" first, remove print head and carefully wipe electrical contacts with a non-linty type of cloth - do not ever touch contacts with finger, finger oil is very bad on electrical contacts. If that doesn't work then carefully soak just the surface of the print head in warm to hot water -- do NOT immerse or get the contacts wet, just the area of the printhead where the ink comes out, you are trying to melt hardened ink if possible. Of course option (c) is that the head is bad and needs to be replaced.

Hopefully you haven't been using clone inks - a.k.a. "cheap" ink carts like those on eBay that are not Canon brand. We all love to save money but most of those non-OEM inks are crap and they clog heads ...
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I found your reply interesting, I have a i9100 and for 12 months it worked prefectly, in the past year 5 times when I have changed an ink cart a different colour has stopped working, in the past it has been under warrenty but now!!
Do you have any idea why when I change yellow, black and photo cyan should stop working.
I tried cleaning the contacts but it has no effect. usually the colour stops within 1 cm of the top of the next page.
any ideas?
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