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I know this topic has been discussed a zillion times but here we go again.

I have just upgraded my i965 which produced very close colors to my monitor which is calibrated with colorplus spyder.

I got the i9950 yesterday and did the first prints which come out very disappointing. There is no magneta cast, but the colors simply dont match. Blues look like violents, reds are dul and the colors are desaturated. I used CS2 with adobe color mangment option, soft proofing and printer color managment. I got best results if i let the printer do the color managment. the colors are better but still off. There is no color cast in the printouts, its just that the colors are off. I have also tried Qimage with the same results as printing with CS2.

I re calibrated my montor andupgraded to the newest printer driver.

Any ideas.
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A friend of mine had similar problems with his new i9900 (US version)and found that one color was clogged and just not printing at all. This may or may not be the sameissue as you have, but you might want totry a cleaning cycle. I think there is also a test for a clogged head in the printer driver. I am not sure how he fixed his problem, but I have seen his pictures and theynow match pretty closewhat he sees on the monitor.

I remember that he was really "sick" (upset)until he got it fixed.

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