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Old Jun 30, 2004, 9:24 AM   #1
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Not the best pictures. But still a neat looking bird. I have been after a good shot for awhile on this bird. Tried again last night but got some more bad shots.

But I did get the Kestral falcon baby and found a new Kingbird nest (other post).

Also had a great huge owl take off from a tree 10 feet over my head (I never knew he was there, opportunity lost) that got my attention let me tell you.

This would have been a pretty good one, but, stick in the way.

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Old Jun 30, 2004, 10:31 AM   #2
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Very interesting plumage. You can see the similarities with the males of the other Oriole types. I like that black on the head, it makes it more distinctive and gives them an expression of sorts.

Thanks for posting the shots.

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Old Jun 30, 2004, 10:53 AM   #3
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Zoomn, even though I didn't request the oriole pictures I'll peek in anyway :-)

The last shot was shot under the best lighting conditions and is very nice. Yes, it's too bad the branch was in the way, but I don't care - I just like seeing pictures of birds, they don't have to be perfect.

I like that you have photographed the female also. This provides a good record of how both sexes look for identification purposes.

Have you been able to locate the Orioles' nest? Oriole nests are kind of neat, the way in which they are elongated vertically and hang down (sort of like a Cat in the Hat hat upside down).
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Old Jun 30, 2004, 11:16 AM   #4
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I have seen some of those cat in the hat nests. Interesting way to describe them.

I had seen the Orioles next to some really deep nests like 2' deep that I was seeing in thorn trees, porous near the top and becoming thicker towards the bottom. Remember thinking it was odd that they had such huge nests.

Now that I know their nests are the "cat in the hat" nests I will stake one out and maybe be more successful. Really appreciate the tip, this may be the edge I have needed to capture this elusive little bird.

Eric s thanks for taking a look. Sorry I was mistaken earlier.

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Old Jul 1, 2004, 2:39 AM   #5
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Beautiful birds, and nice capture. I know how fast these guys fly about and they usually roost high in the trees around here so it's really difficult to get close to them. I love their color.
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