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I've taken a good read of many of the messages on the Canon Lenses area and have come to some conclusions:

1. It's better to sink money into good lenses that will port to the various camera bodies as they become available.

2. The DRebel is a good dslr for it's price, but if I have the budget the 10D would be the wiser choice. And... Eric says that there will be a new 10D coming out soon.

3. The FZ1/FZ10 is highly regarded for wildlife shots and that is attested to by pictures taken by zoomn, Norm, and Hummer.

So... I have decided to follow the following upgrade path:

1. Sell my c-8080wz on ebay and lose perhaps 10-20% of myoriginal outlay.

2. Buy the FZ10 - I've just seen too many good photos here from the FZ1 and FZ10.

3. Depend on my wife's Sony DSC-P72 for family snapshots where the FZ10 isn't as useful (indoors?).

4. Save up my money for the purchase of the 10D sometime before next year's bird migration season, along with an appropriate set of lenses. At that point, I'll be coming back to all of you for advice as to lenses I should buy given the money I've saved up.

Of course, now I'm wishing that I hadn't given my old G2 to my son when I bought the c-8080wz. At least it's still "all in the family".

Guys, you have been so unbelievably helpful in getting me to the point of making a decision. This is how a forum like this should work. Great place. And... I feel like I am now part of a group of like-minded enthusiasts for both photography and birds!

Norm - as an aside... my son and his bride will be up your way towards the end of August after they get married. They are going to tour Banf for 10 days as their honeymoon!
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My congratulations to your son and his new wife. Isn't spring wonderful!
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I also have a FZ1 and I am very happy with it. The main difference between FZ1 & FZ10 is that FZ1 is only 2MP and has no manual focussing. But IS on FZ1 seems to be better than FZ10 and it only costs $199. I use tcon-17 converter with it so effective focal length is little upwards of 700mm.

Compared to dSLRs, focussing is slow on FZ1/FZ10 and EVF is pain (IMHO) for flight shots. I have seen people having better luck with FZ10 for flight shots.

You can get dRebel for under $800 as prices have dropped. But then rebel restricts you in regards to which setting you can use in which mode. If you spent all the money, might as well spend some bucks more and get all the features. I know the hack provides most of the 10D functionality to dRebel, but no hack can replace missing hardware. When I was looking at 10D, it was going for $1300, the week after, I was able to buy for $1200. Now I hear around $1163 or so. With new 10D coming out soon, the prices will drop more so you should look at it.

Lenses are going to cost more, there is no way out. You want to buy good glass as you will be happy with the results. Even if I could afford bigger prime glass, I wouldn't be able to carry the whole contraption so I opted for 100-400L. My other consideration was the Bigma but I then I would need a $300 tripod.

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Bobby, thanks for your insights and advice. The 10D is where I am aiming at but I probably won't be actually able to get it until sometime next year. Until then I'll probably be pretty much on the sidelines cheering you guys on and doing the bird identifications (I love to do that anyway).
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