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Looks almost regal there, aladyforty.

PlatinumWeaver's does really look like he's going "What is that?"

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aladyforty wrote:
My parents have about 20 of them who tap on their windows to be fed chopped meat.:-)
And I can only assume that your parents indulge them? Your parents are going to get themselves into a mighty expensive habit as the message gets spread among the magpies that there's a gourmet meal waiting for them for free! :-)

Nice shot!
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Onyx wrote:
Very nice shot.

I would have thought that a holiday in Byron you'd be more interested in taking photos of other kinds of 'birds' there. :lol:
Yeah, but somehow I dont think those shots would be welcomed. :-)

aladyforty: I swear I read it on that page I linked to, but of course now I can't find it and I must have been making it up. I also seem to recall there being a dreamtime legend about the bird, but again, I could very well be wrong about that too..
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no matter, what ever color they are, these are really smart birds. My parents started feeding them scraps of meat they were going to throw out anyway, it was 3 small young magpies. Now there are about 20 who visit around 4pm each day. I have been there drinking a cup of tea inside with the house, closed up, and sure enough, they start tapping on the window and dont stop until they are fed. Goodness knows how long they tap if Mum is away:-)Now Mum buys that dog meat in a knob and cuts them little squares which she feeds them each day. Funny thing is they will finish at Mums and flight around the corner to another house for afters from another couple:-)
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