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Normcar thanks much for taking a look and taking the extra time for constructive feedback. Thanks for your positive comments. I think these are technically the best shots I have taken so far. (I have only had my camera a month), so I am on a pretty steep learning curve.

If I could bother you for some detail on toning down the lights in post processing.

These exposures looked pretty good to my uneducated eye. Can you point out where they are too bright. I would appreciate it.

Yes you are correct I am very open to ideas and appreciate you taking the time to share yours. I see what you mean with the noise reduction. Does look much better. thanks for taking a shot at editing it. Feel free to do so with any of my stuff.

I can see I am going to have to upgrade my software for editing. All I have is the software that came with my computer. I think it is Picture it 7.0. It is not a very dynamic program. Is Neat Image a free program or is it $.

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Hi zoomn, the "over exposure" lights apply only to the first 2 photos. Over exposure is a tough one sometimes because, depending on time of day, it you have a real discrepancy of dark and light, then any processing will either cause some elements to be too dark or others to be too light.

In order to tone down the heads of the top birds you would need to isolate the heads, tone them down, and then blur the edges, which is definitely possible, but a whole pile of work.

If I have over exposures I usually chalk it up to experience and hope for a better exposure next time around. The last 3 are excellent exposures from what I can see. I'm not exactly sure why the first 2 are over exposed in the head area where the third one isn't, perhaps it's just location, change of light, or use of flash. Not sure.

Great work, in any event!
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Wonderful photos, zoomn! The Western Kingbird is truly the "Tyrannus" of birds, such character and great to have around the yard! Thanks,

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