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Default Brown Thrasher

This is a species that is slowly disappearing from the landscape according to the birders. I've seen one or two in my yard off and on for the past 3 years or so, but I never seem to have the camera in hand when one shows up. The one pictured here was following its mother around learning how to find food. I tried to get both of them in the frame at the same time, but never succeeded, so here's the baby.

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Nice catch, the eye is great!
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I'm with Kevin on this one. The eue makes the should!
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Default A better version?

Klaus and Kevin - thanks for the observation and comment. Judging from the amount of comments from Eric about my shots being overexposed, I did a little exploring. First of all, I am color blind, so I have a difficult time judging colors, naturally, but I also started the color-matching of the monitor to the printer backwards. My monitor was set with too little brightness, so I modified the printer output to match the monitor. I believe that the result was to produce a bunch of photos that were over-exposed. I have made a few corrections, and have applied them to a second go-round on the Thrasher, below. Does this one look better? I would appreciate your honest judgement on this issue, and thanks in advance. (This one was shot just after sundown, and was shot at ISO 800, so it is a little grainy. Also, being a crop from a small area didn't help)

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I don't find the grain that bad, so you did a good job of handling it. I can only hope my 10D can do that well at ISO800!

I like the second one better, it seems to bring out the pattern in the feathers better. The background green is now darker... I'm not sure I go for that, but I don't know. It looks like you depth of field was a little shallow, as the tip of the beak is out of focus (or seems it, could be JPG stuff.) Personally, I find DOF stuff really hard to get right, so this isn't a criticism as much as a note. I find that most of the time only part of my bird subjects are in focus.... sigh.

I agree on the eye. The catch light in the eye is very important to many people. Personally... I'm not against it, but I haven't been looked at enough with and without it to know if I'd miss it.

Oh, and I'd also say that I'm happy you got the picture. Its nice to see that this bird is raising babies around you place and hopefully that will contribute to its comeback. I really dislike how we humans are driving out and/or killing species. :evil:

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