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Guitarman May 9, 2004 11:40 PM

It's a little soft, but I was zoomed out all the way, and it was windy, too, which wasn't helping. I like this, though, in spite of that... it looks like he was posing for me. He just patiently sat there while I clicked a few shots of him off.

photosbyvito May 10, 2004 1:32 PM

nice shot :) the exposure is good.....but when taking wildlife shots. Make the direction they are facing have more space in the frame, for example, slide him over to the right a little...

good job :) keep shooting and posting!

Guitarman May 10, 2004 3:18 PM

yeah, I would have liked to have more scene on the left side, but what you see there on the left is the edge of a huge bush which Mr. Bunny thought he was hiding behind, so there wasn't much room to open up the shot on this one.

pavaros May 10, 2004 4:38 PM

nice photo!they are quite tricky to capture...they move with speed of light!
..if it had a bit longer ears i would swear this is a hare...


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