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Great shots Benny, the only thing is I am at work on a T3, so they downloaded pretty fast but I would hate to think how long it would take at home on my dial-up. Some people might not wait for 20 pics to d/l and therefore you might not get the comments these deserve. Again though, great shots!
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You've got some very nice shots in this group of shots, benny, and that last one of the orang is a great pose and a good way to end the series.

As GoCubs mentioned about bandwidth requirements, especially for people on dial-ups (yes, there are still people that don't have broadband), it might be better to post thumbnails when posting such a large number of photos at one time. Link each thumbnail to a larger image and then viewers can make the choice about whether or not they want to incur the time penalty for seeing the larger images.

As I see you are fairly new here, welcome!
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thanks for the welcome and the comments guys.

As for bandwidth, well, I dont know what to say. Where I live I dont know a single person on Dial up. everyone has 1.5MB lines at the minimum, so I've never noticed before.

I keep forgetting this is a USA board and so so so many people use dialup still, or even slow DSL or ISDN lines. (down with AOL)

These doanloaded in 1.8 seconds, so I didn't even think. Sorry guys. :O


I just dont want to resize them as you cant see and appreciate the picture to it's full potential.

In any case, I'll remember that for next time and thumbnail them first
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Great photos indeed. I'm usually on a dial up modem and wouldn't even have a chance to view these but I'm visiting my wealthy relatives in the big city so I have access to cable, so I can view these photos.

A good photo still looks good at 500 pixels. I'd love to see more of what you have to offer but when I get home to modem land I wouldn't even consider trying to download this post as it is just way way way too huge for my hookup.

I look forward to seeing more from you, thanks for posting.
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