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Default Goose Fight!

There was considerable posturing, neck stretching close to the water, and a lot of honking that preceded this shot, but when events finally exploded, it was too quick for me to catch the right focus, etc.. I thought that there was enough action in this photo that I would post it anyway, as I found it interesting. These two guys are very large, and were in competition for the attentions of a lady before the one closest to the camera, vanquished the gander whose head can be seen just beyond the out-stretched wings.

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Shame it's out of focus as it's a good shot.
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Hi Ward,

I love it! War of beauty - they do have a temper. Many years ago when I was living in a KOA campground while attending college in California I experienced the "wrath" of a goose named "Huey."

The campground was in a very secluded area with lots of wildlife including cougar, bears, coyotes, etc., but the toughest character in the neighborhood was a 40 pound goose named Huey. Huey had about 30 ducks which he apparently considered his "harem." When you would approach the small lake where they hung out, Huey would start warning honks. If you dared venture too close, it was full blown attack time and this goose loved going for the "butt" of anyone who turned to run.

I was dating my now wife Sherry at the time, and living in an Airstream trailer at the campground. She was visiting one evening and we took a romantic walk down by the lake. It was nearly dark, and being under the spell of blossoming "romance," I had forgotten about Huey and the "dangers" of not being attentive to our environment. Sure enough, we transgressed on his territory and he started honking. It was sudden "terror" and not realizing that Sherry wasn't familiar with Huey and his temper, I yelled "it's Huey, RUN!" and took off up the bank of the lake.

Sherry was startled, and not having a clue about who or what "Huey" was, hesitated for just an instant too long and it was all the advantage Huey needed. As she bent over slightly to scramble up the lake bed to the trail, Huey nailed her good on her right bun. Needless to say I didn't get "lucky" that night, but did "make up" for my carelessness by rubbing the bruise with Arnica gel over the following week.

All was finally forgiven, but now nearly 30 years later we still laugh about Huey the monster goose and his duck harem.

Best regards,

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Default Absolutely Beautiful Story, Lin

The pesonality you just described with your Huey, is exactly what this guy is like. This arm of the pond is his, and if any other male ventures in, he is putting his neck at risk. He's been hounding me for a couple of years, so i've learned to stay clear. Thanks for your story, Lin.

I'm gradually getting on to this new combination. Focusing techniques are impoving. I think I've got a little front-focus problem with the unit, but I'm continuing to experiment to rule out operator error before sending it back in. The goose fight was clearly my fault, but that event occured so quickly, I didn't have a chance, and I wanted to catch the action.

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