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Default Great Blue Heron part 3 (150K warning)

But a little later in my walk, I got lucky. There is a grate that allows water to flow between the pond and the river that runs beside it. I froze in mid step when I saw this sticking out over the grate:

And he was very cooperative. I got within about 8 feet of him. Here is one of the two best shots (the other follows in another post tomorrow.)

I didn't do a great job on the exposure on the first one, but it was a quick shot because I liked it. Note that that background is real, no PS work, in the second one. Just light reflecting off the water in front of him. It's a rather untraditional pose, that made focusing hard (small DOF) but I like it any ways. I'm normally a tac-sharp kinda guy.

Both with the 10D, 100-400, ISO 400 @ exposure comp.
First at F5.6, 1/500
Second at f5.6, 1/350

PS work: crop, levels, sharpen, resize down and save to JPG. The second picture has a bit more JPG compression than I like. Such is the life of the web… gotta keep the modem people happy.

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Really like the second one Eric. The background is almost like smoke!

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Like the second, nice catch. You got the eye and bill nice & sharp. You can see your DOF as you go down the neck, the upper portion is soft as it's closer than the point-of-focus and winds up sharper as you go below the bend of the neck. The Canon flash is implemented very well on the digital models, why not try a bit if fill-flash? You could then stop down to get increased DOF
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Kevin G

Ya, the DOF change on the neck is what got me to make the comment in my post about not controlling DOF as I'd have liked.

It's interesting that you mention it. I got a set of shots at a different angle (I'll post one tonight) and I did use the fill flash there to much better effect. But when doing this series of shots (I took about 10 or so) using the flash never occurred to me at all.... I agree that I could have used it for greater DOF. Heck, when writing that sentence in the above post I didn't even think of it!

Glad you two like them.

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