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eric, thanks for the input, please let me know if you have anything further that might lead to a reassessment of this cute one.
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What a wonderful shot of the singing Savannah Sparrow! I don't see them very often. They are birds of wet grassy meadow areas. Did you photograph this bird near the pond where your waterbird photos are from? If so, what a great place for wildlife photo opportunities.

I had the impression you were in Ontario, but Alberta I can relate to since I have been there a few times and the geography and climate are very much like Colorado. Both are separated by the Continental Divide with plains to the east and mountains in the west, each hosting similar plants and animals, in the north as in the south.

Btw, I don't agree about the photos being underexposed. In the second photo the bird's throat, breast and belly are shadowed by the light on the back. This is natural lighting and I don't think you could have done better. If anything, it might be slightly overexposed. Had you increased exposure you would have lost the saturation necessary to bring out the subtle colors in the bird and you surely would have blown out the highlights in the branches.

In my opinion, shooting small birds in natural light is one of the highest art forms of wildlife photography. I think your second photo is a very nice example.

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I appreciate your input, Hummer, and it's clear that you know your stuff. Yes, in answer to your question about the proximity to the pond where I get the other shots. I consider myself especially blessed with this pond because I think I am the "only" person who ever visits it, the birds are getting to know me to the point where I can approach them without complaint with my car, park it, and use my door as a tripod. I'm particularly amazed at the ducks who used to fly off immediately in a fury of quacks and feathers, but now when my car approaches they just float about and don't even acknowledge that I exist...cool stuff indeed. Birds that used to rush away, of many species, now just walk about, pecking and floating. It's much better than television and I only hate it when I run out of cards, and I've done that too many times to mention. Thanks again for your comments Hummer.
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