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When I downloaded these photos I almost discarded the take-off because it was so blurred. However, I noticed something interesting:

Flight photo of bird that I want identified (don't worry, a bit better photo is below). I thought I'd captured a blurred photo of an unknown bird taking off but it appears to me that I caught more like a cross between Alice Cooper and Pee Wee Herman behind the bird.

Have another look if you can't see it

Now back to reality...here's the blurredphoto of the bird I'd like identified. I know I've seen it before.

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That looks like some kinda fly catcher to my eye. But I'm no expert with that type of bird... I've only every seen one of them (Great Crested.)

That face is weird.

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arrghh...eric..you stole my "first post position"!

oh well...

that face is hilarious! good eye!

i wish i could help with the identification...it does look kinda "flycatcher....y"


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I don't know how you caught that little apparition in the first place, but when I look at it it looks like a mugshot of Frankenstein! :-)

Meanwhile, that is indeed a flycatcher - one of those pesky little Empidonax flycatchers of course. You can recognize the flycatcher as being one of the Empidonax group by the light eye ring that is present.

You're in southern Canada, right Norm? In your neck of the woods it's most likely one of either the Yellow-Bellied, Least, or Alder Flycatcher. It's probably not the Yellow-Bellied since I see no hint of any yellow on the underside (neck) as I would have expected. To decide on one of the other two you'd probably have to differentiate according to the habitat you photographed the bird in. If the Least, it probably was in an open woods, grove, or farm area. If the Alder, you were in a decidedly wetter location with willows and alders as the predominant vegetation. The vocalizations are very different also - I don't suppose you heard it "talking"?

I'm guessing the Least Flycatcher.
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