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Hummer Jun 22, 2004 3:10 PM

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Since were talking flickers, here's a shot of a male I spotted feeding young in the nest cavity of a quaking aspen tree. Note the red moustachial mark and the red feather shafts at the base of the tail. Took this one in the Grand Mesa National Forest last week, Panasonic FZ10 at 12x zoom, handheld. It is cropped about 50%.


geoffs Jun 23, 2004 12:45 AM

Strange that no one has commented on this photo, hummer. I'll do that now by saying that you do awful well for someone who doesn't "stake out" his subjects. Great shot of a male red-shafted flicker.

And getting this shot at 12x handheld, as sharp as it is, is something else. With that FZ10 you talk about - is that 12x optical? ...or some measure of digital zoom also?

I also like the way in which this bird exhibits how woodpeckers' tail feathers are adapted as an extra support for the birds as they perch on the sides of trees.

eric s Jun 23, 2004 11:15 AM

Well, this is the first I've seen this picture... so I hadn't gotten to comment yet.

Very nice. It seems a touch soft, but that could just be an effect of the noise. Because its an odd look to my eye... not "soft" in the traditional sense, but a little lack of detail. Or... maybe its just that the bird was so far away. I've had that problem, when I shoot a longer than the reasonable resolving distance of the lens.

I've never seen one of these before, so thanks for pointing out the differences as well. Now I've just got to remember that for the next time I'm out and about.

Personally, I have never "staked" out an area until earlier this week (when I sat in a blind for a few hours.) It was odd. I really missed walking around and exploring. But I did get some fantastic shots. Difficult trade. I think I prefer the walking, but the results are hard to argue with.


Normcar Jun 23, 2004 1:25 PM

First I've seen it too, otherwise I would definitely have commented on it since it's such a great pose you caught Hummer. As well, I've been photographing a few of these myself lately. I think they are nifty looking birds.

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