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JamesArthurKing Jun 27, 2004 12:34 PM

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Hello everyone I trust youre all doing well.
Recently I adopted a stray cat who is truly a wild cat. I have no clue where she came from as far as wether she was born in the yard or just dropped off.
She is a great mouse hunter so Im glad to keep my pet mice in the house. I call her Patches because on the end of her tail, one side is white the other black. Dont think she knows what colour she really is. All I know is that she is a beautiful cat.
I keep her fed, give her water (better then swamp water) I even went so far as to building a shelter so she can get out of the hot sun and to my surprise she sleeps there.
Guess the critter around here see me as a foster parent.
Anyway here is "Patches"

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