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Eric CAN May 24, 2004 9:02 PM

Bloody weather today, rain rain and more rain. Was a day off today, went to the tub... I was bored so decided to see if I could do better post-processing of 2 shots I really like of Black Capped Chikedee. I have to mention that both shots were properly exposed to start with. Can't make miracles of a poorly exposed shot...

So here's my 2 re-worked shots of one of my favorite bird to watch and take snaps -

This one was exposed to show more subtle difference of the darker feathers of the bird:

The next one was taken late in spring, here's the 'original' :

And here's the re-worked one :

Difference are very subtle, but it's worth I think to look at the higher rez image here :;ppuser=1867

At this point, after over 6 months of owning the DRebel and at the same time playing with PS, I'm at this level. I do not know if I can do better than this. Time will tell.

Comments are more than welcomed.

photosbyvito May 24, 2004 9:50 PM

nice shots with AMAZING detail...most definetely worth the wait that might be needed (only 270 something kb...not too bad) to see all the details!

nice shots eric!

eric s May 25, 2004 8:30 AM

Interesting. I can see some of the places where you brought the light up on that last pair. But there are someplaces where I really don't see it. But clearly you were able to bring it out in the edited one. Very well done.

It's demonstrations like this that make me think I should put down the camera for a week or two and really work on PS skills. It really can take a picture which is nice and manipulate the light into something more special.


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