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geoffs wrote:
The system only allows you to post one picture per post if you use the Browse button to post your pictures. If you instead link to your pictures which are hosted on a different server than the one Steve's is on, then you can do the Insert Image thingie multiple times per post.

These are cute photos by the way. You've caught these primates in very endearing poses. There is an overall hazed look to the images - is that as a result of the glass you are having to shoot through?

Hope that helps...

Yes, geoffs that did help, thank you. I do have a server but bandwidth is precious so I may not go that route. Thank you though for enlightening me. As far as the haze goes, yeah that was a result of the glass. I couldn't get a 100% clear picture no matter what I did. Obviously using a flash was out of the question, and nothing seemed to work to rid the haze look altogether. Sometimes simple is best. I just put it in auto, shut off the flash and focused and took the pics. They were very cute, but I felt bad for these little monkeys. They looked so sad and bored.
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super expressions
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