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Eric CAN Mar 2, 2004 11:39 AM

Simply ... Common Redpole
Yesterday went to my friend's place in the country, he feeds birds in the winter, I seen from my previous visits all sorts of birds. These migrating birds from the south haven't came yet.

We have one species here that are not going much south than here in southern Quebec, they are from the Canadian Tundra, for them "the south is here", I didn't made a count of all the birds I seen yesterday, but at one point there was about 200 of them.

I noticed something, the more they are in a spot, the more nervous they get, it seems they fly away much quicker if one of the leader gives an alert signal. Most of the time, there's no real threat. They act a little bit like sparrows. Also, when there's fewer individual in a area, they tend to be more calm.
Here's samples of what I got yesterday :

Larger image here :

To conclude, these are little birds, about the same size of a Gold Finch, to get a decent size shot, you need to be fairly close. All these shots were taken between 15 and 20 feet max. They are not enlarged, just crop the edge.

Taken with the DRebel and a Sigma 50-500 EX HSM, and ISO varies between 200 and 800, F/8 for all and shutter speed was at least 1/400 sec. I use a tripod as usual to prevent small blur induced by camera shake.

Comments welcomed


photosbyvito Mar 2, 2004 11:42 AM

those shots are beautiful! good composition!

the bird expression seems like it is angry lol (it looks like his "eyebrows" are down :) )

gj :)

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