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Not one of my best pictures, I took it through the window at full optic zoom. This bird was on the feeder at my parents' place yesterday. It doesn't look like most of the bluebirds we have around here, which are nearly totally blue. It almost looks to me like some kind of blue finch. Or maybe a crossbreed of some sort. It's a pretty bird, for sure, though, I just don't know what it is. Apparently it's been around for a couple days, and my mom can't find it in her bird book, so it's driving her nuts trying to figure out what it is....:-)
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looks like a finch by the beak....but i'm not sure :-\
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That's kind of what I am thinking, too, Vito. It's also a little larger than the bluebirds we have here. Whatever he is, he's a pretty bird. I'm gonna have to try to catch him when I'm outside so I can get a better picture of him.:|
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No, that certainly isn't a bluebird. Bluebirds don't have a blue breast. They are also puggier than this... this is much skinnier... finch/bunting like.

The problem is that it isn't a solid color. My guess by the shade of blue and the shape of the bird is that it's an Indigo Bunting. But they are usually a very solid blue, without those brown spots. If this was earlier in the year I would guessed it was in a plumage transition. But it's a bit late for that.

When I get home I'll try to remember to look this one up. Interesting question.

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What a great bird you have there, it is a male Indigo Bunting. He might not be a regular visitor to your feeder so count yourself lucky to have him for a day or so.

Indigos occur in the low foothills and plains of eastern Colorado where they sometimes hybirdize with Lazuli Bunting. I have rarely found Indigo Bunting in western CO, but saw three Lazulis this morning. I got a photo of one three weeks ago but it wasn't nearly as good as your Indigo, so I'll spare you.

You might try placing a dead tree branch next to your feeder to give the birds a natural landing place before they hit the seeds. Ready your camera on the branch to get a more natural scene of the birds coming to your feeder.

When I built my house a few years ago, I erected a tree branch from my orchard which we called "the magnificent tree", in anticipation that a rare Magnificent Hummingbird would visit and perch there. We haven't yet had a Mag hummingbird, but invariably, any new bird that visits our yard stops on the magnificent tree for a photo op.

Keep up the good work,

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I've got one too. I'm guessing a blue grosbeak or indigo bunting. Live in Northern Indiana.
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