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Markswheels Mar 19, 2004 2:06 PM

Tuft Titmouse
Here's a couple shot's from this past weekend.

checklg Mar 22, 2004 6:42 AM

You've caught some great detail in such a small bird, particularly photograph number two. The second shot shows the birds bill and eye better than the first, and I think that's what makes it my favourite of the two postings.

Can I ask what noise reduction and sharpening, if any, you've applied to these images ? The birds crest looks a little "greased" to my eye, almost like there's some detail that's been smoothed out....


eric s Mar 22, 2004 11:14 AM

Very interesting. The titmouse I get up here (Mass) looks a bit different that this one. Maybe it's just the angle? Don't know.

You did a great job of exposure and good non-distracting background. I normally do go for feader shots (they are often boring, but I like these.

Graham, where do you see the loss of detail. I think I see a little on the lower breast of the second shot, but I wasn't sure if it wasn't just the smoother feathers there.


checklg Mar 23, 2004 3:33 AM


On the front of the crest in the second shot. Or it may just be my eyes. :roll:


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