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I've seen this iguana several times in my back yard. He stays near the seawall. First timeI saw him my local pack of birds had him surrounded and I was afraid my big heron, Bubba, was going to try to eat him. He let me get pretty close before he dove in the water. It swims very fast.

My neighbors said a guy across the water had one like him in a pen and moved last year. They think he might have let the iguana go or lost him. If so he made it through the winter.

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Weird. I think that would be very interesting to come across. I'm in Kansas and in the last year or so I've seen various animals (tons of rabbits, some deer, a bobcat, turtles, frogs, snakes too) but that's a find!

Of course it was a fad (or sorts) around her a few years ago to own a hamster. I know of at least two familys that "lost" theirs into the woods. I wonder if I went looking if I could find any wild ones left or if the Turkey Vultures, hawks, foxes, and local pet cats got 'em.
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What a cool looking beast. I love the way you have composed him sprouting out of the grass like a weird blade of some sort. Bubba probably likes the taste of fish better :-)
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I have a green iguana, the one you shot may be a different species though. They are really good swimmers. I put mine in the tub from time to time. I hope you dont have a cold winter, he wont make it. You could get a closer shot if you feed him a banana or just about any type of fruit. Here is a photo of mine. I the wild they ussually live high in trees right by a river, so if they encounter any danger they can just dive off the tree into the water for a quick get away.
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