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zoomn wrote:
What type of habitat would I look for the waxwings in. I am sure I have never seen one in the wild.
Zoomn, after the breeding season (now through next breeding season) waxwings love to wander. They are gluttons for fruit (insects too) and I've seen them often, both in the wild and in residential settings, pigging out on Mountain Ash berries. They like to travel in groups which typically makes them easier to locate. Keep looking and I'm sure, now that you know what you are looking for, you will find them.
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Thanks Geoffs.

I know some spots where there are lots of berries (and bears). Maybe I will make a day trip over there and look around.
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Thanks for the input people.

zoomn, yeah, the waxwing couldn't have chosen a better place. Mind you he didn't hang out there for any more than a few seconds but in this case it was enough time (now I'm going to experience the other 1000 times that it won't be long enough). As well, this was with the Lumix converter made for the FZ10. It's expensive but seems to work nicely for me.

Any particular reason to use manual mode on the FZ10?
With the FZ10 an exposure meter bar appears on the screen in full "M" mode whereas it doesn't when in the priority modes. I use that meter quite a bit.
Normcar do you find yourself wrestling over which camera to take when you leave your house to take pictures. I bet it is tough to leave the light and convenient fz10 at home.
Good question - I've been without the FZ10 for quite awhile so it's a getting reaquainted with a lost love, if you can accept that slightly sick and mushy way of putting it. As well, I've really been getting tired of hauling around all of the DSLR gear lately and the FZ10 is giving me that other option. The other day I carried both so that I could set up the 50-500 on tripod pointed in the direction of an anticipated action and had the FZ10 hung from the tripod for getting unexpected photos from behind and areas where it would be difficult to swing the tripod. On a major outing I will always take both. On a lazy, just for fun day, I'll take just the FZ10, as I did to get the squirrel shots just posted. These photos would have been next to impossible with the DSLR gear because I had to wander through some pretty dense thicket and brush to get to the squirrel.
I don't mean to impose on Normcars thread, sorry
Impose, impose, that's how the good information gets out.
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