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Hummer Jun 1, 2004 10:52 AM

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This photo of a Western Meadowlark was taken in the sagebrush/grasslands of northwest Colorado. I was actually on foot and shot it at a good distance, about 50 meters (Panasonic Lumix FZ10, hand held). Far from any road, the bird was calling from a "drift fence", (a fence not delineating a boundary per se, but erected to keep cattle from "drifting" from one portion of a range to another).

Western Meadowlarks are loud and prolific songsters. I can often hear them at a mile distant. In the dawn chorus on the sagebrush grasslands I can stand in one location and might hear ten or more male meadowlarks calling simultaneously. By measuring distance to each bird (with a laser range finder), and their bearing from a point, spacial distances can be mapped and population densities can then be estimated.


aladyforty Jun 2, 2004 4:33 AM

Great shot, it's a pity that the bird is not just a little more crisp but all the same a nice photo. It is great to look at all the different types of wildlife from around the world in this forum. :-)

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