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bobbyz May 15, 2005 12:30 PM

Shot last week.

edorfox May 15, 2005 6:33 PM

Wow! What an ugly...err ahh...beautiful shot. Very colorful, and sharp. I'm surprized you got so close! :cool:


zoomn May 15, 2005 9:07 PM

Nice picture. YOu caught a nice display very well. Did you call it in or just happen to be in the right spot.

bobbyz May 16, 2005 9:34 AM


Actually I was quite far. This is almost 100% crop from the original.

Zoomn - These guys were displaying for the females. I just happen to be driving by when I noticed and stopped to take some shots.

djb May 16, 2005 6:13 PM

Bobbyz, very nice shot!!! so far i can only get the backside of these guys. it's fairly difficult to get close to them. good work!!!


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