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squirl033 Apr 23, 2017 10:15 PM

Yellow-headed blackbird
Normally I don't go out in the rain... the light's poor, it's cold, wet and miserable. But once in a while an opportunity comes along that I have to take, rain or shine. Today was one such occasion... a yellow-headed blackbird was spotted at one of our local parks. Now, I would much rather shoot this little guy in nice light, but given that I hadn't seen one of these on this side of the state for 10 years, and didn't get a decent shot of that one, I wasn't about to let this one get away. These "vagrant" birds often appear, stay for a few days, and vanish as quickly as they came, so I didn't want to miss out on this one. If the damned rain stops, and he's still around and I can get him in some sunny weather, I will, but if not, at least I have these! :sm02:

NHL Apr 27, 2017 4:20 AM

Cool I only saw them in South America, great shot!

squirl033 Apr 29, 2017 6:07 PM


Originally Posted by NHL (Post 1411281)
Cool I only saw them in South America, great shot!

Thanks! They're not common here, and have only been seen in a few spots, and usually not for long... I'd hoped to get shots of one in better light, but these will do given the circumstances!! ;)

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