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No problem tsiya. As I had mentioned, I am glad to have you as a member of this group and know that we'll learn from you and hopefully you will learn from us.

Florida is a neat place. My parents used to live on the east coast (no, not Miami) until my father passed away a year ago. I've never gotten to explore the Everglades or Keys but one of these years I hope to...
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<<<<<<<<My wildlife photos are a record for My Grandson, of what is falling under the bulldozers>>>>>>>>>

How sad that is that you have to do it. Dont they have wildlife protection laws over there???

I have looked through your photos and a good many are very nice shots and Im sure your grandson will love the fact that you did this for him.:-)

I never looked at it this way. I have two grandsons 2 and six months and a 6 year old granddaughter and I hate to think that they would miss out on some of the beautiful wildlife here in Australia. Fortunately our governments are doing a lot to save wildlife here.

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Don't even get me started on politics and conservation.

I actually wrote two paragraphs before I caught myself. Just as you and I really didn't want to bring religion into that other thread, I don't think we should bring politics into this one.

Send me a private message if you really want to discuss it.

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Conservation is always for sale! Someone just comes along and buys a politician. I got lucky, bought 5 acres almost 15 years ago when land was cheap, and never did any more clearing than was needed to allow My little home and My Daughters next door to fit in. Out the back door, I can go 100 feet, and no longer see even My house. First thing a lot of Folks say when they come here is "Why don't You cut all that mess down". It is usually futile to try explanation, but likely all of them consider themselves conservationists. Not long ago, the Jacksonville paper had an article on "pest" plant species, and how to get rid of them. I went out the door, and in just a few minutes found all of them. Not a single one of them even tried to bite Me! They always seem happy to pose in front of My camera. Here I go again, the Curmudgeon is starting to show.
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