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Hey Guys,

I love all the wonderful shots I see on this forum. I am wondering if I have the right camera system for shooting wildlife i.e. birds, etc...I have the olympus e-500 and the kit lens, 40-150mm and don't see much out there for me in the way of affordable long lens, doesn't have to be zoom. The 50-200 is not much longer and not cheap.You that are more experienced, and I right in thinking another system would have more available, less expensive lens for birding? Used primes...sigma, tokina, tamron...I like my camera, just don't know about the lens. I am willing to move on if needed or stay put and adapt. I could afford a new camera body/lens, but would probably have to sell my olympus. But I do have a budget. I have considered the canon 30D...Donna
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Most people recommend using 400mm lenses and up for wildlife photography, espcially for birds.
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D.Anne I had a little look around for you on the Net and it looks like Tokina might be able to help you here with a 400mm. My advice would be to get to a good camera store and find out exact prices and numbers because they look a little light on. If you don't mind the wait it might be the way to go.

Here is an Olympus lens.


Try this link for a look and see if you can pick one up on Ebay...not a bad place to start. You don't need the worlds best equipment to take good shots, just learn your gear. You wouldn't go wrong with a Canon either and lenses would be easier to get and a wider range will be available to you. It is up to you ...good luck and may the capture be with you.
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Hi Donna,
As you know a good 400mm lens is expensive... much more than the cost of a good camera body. If you're really serious about shooting wildlife then you need to move on to a Canon or Nikon. A good lens will be used again on the next cool DSLR camera body Canon and Nikon will inevitably put out. I'm not a fan boy of either product just a realist. Go with that 30D, you'll be much happier in the end.

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