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surfnron wrote:
It's never easy to loose a friend. Maybe this will help:


Thank you Ron - what a wonderful website. Of course the poem made me cry, and if all my wonderful companions who have crossed that bridge come running for me in the end, the bridge will probably break! But I will be so happy I will swim across to meet them!!!! Thank you so much for sending this link. I've added Oberon to the tribute pages.
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Glad I could help. We lost a 16 yo cat last year - my avatar.
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Good morning, Ms. Puck...

Only belatedly did I read your wonderful thread of tribute to your dear Oberon. Your photos seem to convey a "something", Oberon knows "something"

No, I do not consider it silly at all to grieve the loss of your stalwart, feline friend.

As a child we had two Siamese cats who were sisters. When one passed one after 18+ years, the other was inconsolable and audibly grieved for days.

Someone once said that only when someone (or some living thing) is forgotten are they truly gone. This I also believe and "internalize".

Your dear Oberon will always be with you.

Somehow, I think that a higher power directed me to your thread today, especially on Veterans Day today...I still grieve the loss of my father, gone now, unbelievably, more than 40 years. Tears still well up...for he did not live to see even one of his grandbabies. Yet, I am grateful...he made it home after the war. Had it not been for his fellow Marines, he would have died on a foreign shore and I would never have existed. In a very real way, I owe my life, my existence to United States Marines, all, unfortunately, unknown to me.

My fatherlies in Eternal Rest, a man with a warrior's heart and a healer's soulwithhis fellowMarines and healers also called Home.

If this helps,respectfully,I ask you to imagine this:

Your Oberon in his own Heaven now, free of pain. He looks down from above on you and silently sends his gratitude and love for the years of home and hearth that you provided him.

Years ago, Albert Schweitzer, MD struggled with life's meaning and the losses in life. In time, he internalized his own mantra:

"Reverence for life"

You, Ms. Puck, have reverence for life.


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Dear Digcamfan - Wow - I would never have imagined finding so many wonderful souls on a photograph website (don't know why....) You and everyone who responded have made me feel so wonderful and supported, and by people I never have met and never will meet.

I know the pain you feel for your Dad, even after 40 years. I lost both parents in 2004, within 4 months of each other. They were old and lived good lives, but it was, and is, still very hard to accept. I am no spring chick, and was surprised at the depth of my sadness and how long it has lasted. I too, still miss them and love them dearly.

A wonderful friend shared the following with me - I especially can connect with the last lines about letting Oberon know it was Okay to go. On her last day of life, my Mom was fighting for every breath, and I told her we could go to the hospital and fight, or she could decide it was time to go to God, and be with him and with Dad. She the latter option after thought. That night she died in my arms. I think it released her to let her know she didn't have to hang on and suffer and "take care" of us any more. Oh boy - tears are flowing and this isn't the right venue for this. Here's the piece -
Pets were not designed to live as long as we do. They come to us [/code]with an internal time clock, like an hourglass, that runs out way [/code]before ours does. [/code]Your sadness is a rich emotion just as beautiful and rich as the [/code]love bond that you share with your pet. You are experiencing life's[/code]richest emotions of love and loss. Oberon didn't leave you until[/code]his job was done and you were the one that told him it was Okay [/code]to go.[/code]
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