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MsPuck, Bobby, Planktonand Donna, I appreciate you guys looking in and for the warm comments.

Bobby I followed this guy around for a good 3 hours and took well over a hundred shots of him. From one patch of woods across a grassy field to another patch of woods. I didn't have too much of a problem getting close enough, for a while anyway, but getting him in the sunlight was out of my control. Occasionally he would land on the light pole (plenty of sun but not my favorite perch).

Plankton I use a Canon 20D, Canon 100-400L IS lens and a Tamron 1.4x TC. All of these shots except the flight shot were taken with my gear on a Monopod. The flight shot was hand held.

Regards, Houston
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JakeTPegg wrote:
Nice series , Houston, I love raptors, and these shots show off the "regal" attitude of the birds as noted by MsPuck.I have included an edit of the one shot, purely to "highlight" an action for PS [not sure if it works for Elements, it probably does]. The action is called "paint with light" and is found here : http://www.atncentral.com/

My son said to me after editting a shot of mine : "Is that what was really there, is that what it looked like?" and after thinking about it for a while, I realised that, no, it wasn't how it was, in real life, it was actually better, a camera can't capture the colors and shades that we see in real life, so what we do with edittingis try and get the shot to look as close to the "real thing". Anyway Houston, I have applied this action to your shot, the best shot of them all in my opinion, although the original was a bit dull, and I think it brings out the birdquite nicely. Tell me what you think .:-)
Thanks Jake, and your applied action made a very good improvement. Although there was plenty of sun that day the hawk wanted to stay in the shade. I'll have to look in on this paint with light thing.


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All arevery nice Houston!.. the second shot is just afantastic pose and a nice job on getting it.I never get tired of the raptors.
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Fantastic shots, Houston!
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Nice series Houston. Really like the 3rd shot. I could see this one on the wall....cheers.....Don.
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