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wow, Jake... great shots! how DO you get so close??? i'd LOVE to live someplace where i could get shots like those...
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Thanks guys !!
how DO you get so close???
Winston, the animals in the KNP have had generations of protection and see humans as less of a threatthan normal- The officials are very strict about your body [arms, head, etc] protruding from your vehicle, because then the animals will associate a vehicle with humans, this enables one to get close in your vehicle without alarming the animals or birds, which really is a treat, cause the animals are wild in every sense.It does make photography a little difficult, to get the correct angles etc, one's window has to be facing the correct direction [sort of].

The little ele was just outside of our chalet/cabin on the other side of the fence. this shot was taken through the fence, but he was close enough to smell us a nd react.
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Great shots - #2 is my favourite but the last one had me looking more than twice - Ronny
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