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that 30D is definitely in good hands... these are some good shots! the first couple are a bit too contrasty, but given the sky conditions, there's nothing you could do, and you did bring out the detail in the eagles quite well! and the buzzard shot is very good! you're really making strides, Donna... you should be proud of yourself!
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Great shots Donna. The Turkey Vulture is super.
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Cool shots Donna, Way to find the immature eagle

We have a monster population of vultures around here, but no eagles . . . yet. They are moving this way and hopefully within a couple of years they will be a normal sight here.

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These are good shots Donna. You're progressing very quickly with that new camera and lens. Like Squirl, I found maybe the contrast is a little too much. I don't know what you use for camera setup, but if shooting into a white sky like that, your bird is losing detail. You probably have to set the EV compensation up to +1 or maybe even higher to get the detail on the bird. That lens you're using should be able to handle it without bringing ca's into the mix. You'll blow out the background even more, but it's probably already blown out anyway with that kind of sky. Give it a try - you'll probably get more detail and won't have to photoshop it in thus bringing in noise....cheers......Don
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I think it was a combination of the eagles moving by very quickly, there was low light and I wasn't sure of my settings. The buzzards moved slower and were not easily frightened. They practically posed! I will try to remember you advice next time...about exposure. Thanks a lot. Donna
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