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Everything was way, way out today. Not much was in close. The quality of the shot is not the best because of several factors. Too distant, no tripod, harsh light. But I thought that having the two in the same frame in such close proximity was kind of cool.
There was a debate over whether a bird posted in another thread was a Crow or a Raven. I am still not sure which it was, but this, was definately a Raven. I am guessing that the Eagle was most likely a male. Since females are about a third bigger, Either that, or that was one ginormous Raven. :lol:

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Good capture Steve. I think that's a Raven too. I saw some Ravens and Eagles hanging out yesterday at a different locale than where I took those photos of the Eagles. They were both picking away at dead salmon carcasses which are in abundance after the spawn....Don
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Nice shot. The ravens in Yellowstone are almost as big as the eagles.
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yeah, i'm fairly sure it's a raven. the beak is more massive and curved than a crow's. and crows and eagles don't hang out together as a rule - they don't like each other much...
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They look good together. You did gooood.

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