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Hi everyone. Please excuse me for taking up space with a request for assistance on the resizing of images. I shoot in RAW with my D50 then convert to TIFF and then to JPG. Problem is everytimeI try to resize (shrink) the image to meet the max 250K limit I end up with an image just slightlybigger than a postage stamp - completely useless for sharing with all you fine nature photographers. I really enjoy this forum and the wonderful pictures that are shared here. It was largely because of this forum that I took up digital photographyon a more serious note.

Sorry to post text instead of a photo. I do have a blog that you can visit and view my photos and related narratives - http://dansnaturephotos.blogspot.com/

but I could use help with resizing. I use Photoshop CS - would you believe, and I still havern't figured this thing out yet - my achilles' heel (or hell) as it were. ANd I have tried different combinations with the same itty bitty result. Many of your photos take up a fair chunk of the monitor and this is what I am trying to achieve.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. Dan Beaudry
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Dan, I may not be the one to help you with this...but I make a duplicate copy of my shot in PS 4.0 and "save for the web" with that copy. When the web save opens I click "high" for the quality and 600 x 800 for pixel size. That seems to work for me. Donna
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I'm not familiar with photoshop, but there is a freephoto program

PhotoFiltre http://photofiltre.free.fr/download_en.htm

and I find if I load my pic in it and then resave as a jpg

it allows you various options of compression level for the save.

A slider control helps you pick a suitable compresion level, and then

use the preview to see what the Kilobyte size is before finally saving.

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Another pic showing the size difference at a the highest level

and another alternative is to use imageshack it's a free pic storage site

if you want to show a large pic file, and post the thumbnail which can be

clicked on to reveal the larger picture.

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An example of thumbnails for very large picture files

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You can also try


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You can easily do everything in Photoshop. The fewer little specialized programs you use the more familiar you will become with Photoshop.

With an image open: Image > Image Size. Check "Resample Image" and "Constrain Proportions". Many people choose "Bicubic Sharper" for a downsample rather than regular Bicubic.

The width dimension in pixels will probably already be highlighted in blue. Just type in a number. Many people choose 700 pixels for the longest side for posting. When you enter a number in one the other will change to maintain the proportion. Hit OK.

Anything in the "Document Size" box is completely immaterial to resizing an image to post. Ignore the Width, Height and Resolution in the Document Size box.

Now go File > Save As. Make sure to "save as" and not "save" unless you are working with a duplicate or have changed the file name. If you just "save" while working on the original you will overwrite it. When you "save as' use a different file name or put it in a different folder.

When you choose JPG as your file type and click "Save" you will get the JPG save dialog. All you have to do is choose a quality and look at the file size at the bottom. I have shown a 700 X 467 pixel image saved at quality 10, giving a file size of 196.28k. That is well within the board limits and excellent quality. I think most people use quality 8 or 9.

If you think the image has become a postage stamp because of the size it displays in Photoshop that isn't the case. Go to the "Navigator" tab on the right and slide the control across until it says 100%. Then your image will be the size it will appear on the site for someone using your screen resolution. It is a feature of Photoshop that it keeps the same percentage when you downsize, which makes the image look small. I think that confuses a lot of people.

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I use image resizer found here http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/d...powertoys.mspx

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Umm if you have PSCS2 you should have Imageready. So do all your work in PS, then once you are done save your work. Then resize your work with the image size properties box, for eg my shots with my D50 are huge, so I resize to my desktop width which is 1600 and the ratio is kept so it makes it around 1100. The I just save it as a jpeg. However if I want to make it within the size requirements for this site, I just open it up in imageready and change it there. Then save it again but as for eg picture one_w.jpg, where w is for web.

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Geese, Slipe hit the nail on the head here. You can and should do everything in one program. Use "Save as" and not "Save for web". The latter strips out all the Exif information in your photo.
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