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We were on our way up to the cottage last summer when I saw this bump in the road from a distance. This was July, when the local turtles come out of the lake in search of sandy areas in which to lay their eggs. Anyway, as I drive up I see that it's an enormous snapping turtle. So I jumped out of the car and took some photos. Then I put the camera away and went back to my subject.

The road is heavily traveled by cars and I didn't want my new friend splattered all over the place. So I carefully came up to it from behind, placed my hands on either side of its shell and tried to lift it - with the intention of carrying over to a nearby ditch, near the lake. As I began to rise up my hands sliped off because - as you can see - the shell was covered by still wet algae and moss.

While I was trying to figure out what to do next, a car pulled up behind me and a woman stepped out, looked things over and darted back to her trunk (boot for some of you) and came back with a pair of gloves and newspaper. She wrapped the shell in the newsprint and grabbed it as I had tried and was able to carry it to the ditch where she released it.

Well enough verbiage - check this beast out!! The scales!! The claws!!About 20 lbs in weight, I estimate. Cheers, Dan
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Looks like he has been banged and beat up. Nice photo of the BEAST.

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Great shot. I'm a real fan of them, seeing many during the summers in Minnesota, when I was a kid.

Thanks, on the turtle's behalf, for removing her to a safe place off the road. Probably she was a female, intent on laying her eggs. They usually hatch around September.
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